I don't know if anyone else did this when they were kids, but I specifically remember my parents buying an 8x10 print from my school photos every year. But instead of posting each new picture around the house, they would just put the new print in front of the old print in the same frame, so that they overlapped. The good thing is, I know where all my school photos are from every year.

The bad thing is, over time having all 12 years of photos squished into one frame has made the prints a bit warped on the sides. I'm glad I have the pictures (thanks Mom and Dad!) BUT I wish they were in better condition. 

I do not want this to happen to you! The answer: Mounted Prints

Prints look great and are so nice to hold in your hands. BUT - prints are delicate. They are easily ripped by little curious fingers, or smudged with fingerprints, or like my school photos, simply warped overtime. Mounted prints are much, much sturdier. These prints purchased by my clients of their Littles' church dedication and 1st birthday party have been mounted on styrene, which means they are much thicker than the average print! I've also added a lustre coating to give it more of a matte look and to protect against dust and fingerprints.

What I love most about these is that they can be put in a mat, they can be framed, or they can be mounted on the wall as is. My preferred non-destructive method of getting these on the wall without a frame is with Command Hook velcro strips. Have you tried these things yet? As a new home owner they have been a lifesaver for us. If you'd like to keep your walls from looking like swiss cheese, then velcro strips are the way to go!