I have a confession to make - I tear up when preparing my clients images. No ugly crying involved (mostly) but sometimes I just get hit with so many FEELS when reviewing the pictures that it all just leaks out my eyes. I feel like most of us feel that way when looking at old photo albums we haven't seen in a long time, or even seeing our finished pictures of the first time.

After finishing this family's photo and film session for their newborn Benkedo, I felt so humbled by how much love these parents have for their little one. As I was reviewing their images and editing them, I was reminded why I love photographing families so much - because being witness to the love that flows between child and parent, grandparents and grandkids, just feels so special.

Make sure to hit the HD button to view full quality!

If you'd like to have a film session for your family, they are currently on promotion. If you purchase any photo session you will receive a film like Benkedo's complimentary until May 14th.