Holiday Storytelling Mini Sessions

Holiday Storytelling Mini Sessions

When I was growing up one of my favourite Christmas traditions was decorating the tree with my Mom. We had an odd assortment of ornaments, but each one of them was special because they held memories. There was one for when my little sister was born, many that were handmade by me as I grew up. I remember the cats would always get under our feet when were were trying to decorate it because they loved to sleep under the branches. I loved spending this time with my Mom, and eventually my little sister, but I realize now that I don't have any pictures of us doing this together.


Take a minute and think about what activities your family looks forward to every year at Christmas. Maybe it's baking cookies, or visiting Santa, or decorating the tree. Now ask yourself this: how many of them do you have pictures for? How many of them are YOU actually IN the picture? I know the few pictures I have of these memories my Mom is missing - she was always the one taking the pictures.

You document these traditions every year because you don't want to miss a minute of them growing up, but you're nowhere in these photos and have somehow been left our of your family's story.


It's time to get in the photos with your kiddos. That's why this season I'm offering documentary mini sessions! These sessions will focus on preserving cherished holiday traditions and capturing your family spending time together, having fun, and making memories. 


  • In home or on-location
  • 45 minute session
  • Choice of 5 digital images for download
  • 1 minute Fusion Slideshow, combining the images and some video from your session set to music, perfect for sharing with friends and family (a mini session exclusive product)
  • Dates: November 26 and December 9



What kinds of activities are the best? Any holiday or winter tradition you'd like to document will work just fine! If you can't decide, grab a pen and paper and write down whatever activities you can think of that your family does every year, or even something new you'd like to try this year. Now, think about which of those you want to remember the most, the one that pulls on your heartstrings the hardest. Some examples include: Christmas baking, decorating the tree, sledding, making holiday crafts, wrapping presents, reading holiday stories, meeting Santa, picking out the tree, ice skating.

When will my images be ready? All galleries will be delivered 72 hours after a session so you will have them in plenty of time for Christmas.

How many images will I receive? Your gallery will include up to 20 finalized images from your session. You will have your choice of 5 images to receive via digital download, with the option to purchase additional images or products. Your fusion slideshow will also include all 20 images.

Will we get a few images to use for our Christmas cards? Yes you will! You can use any of your chosen image downloads for your Christmas cards (you can even purchase some exclusive custom cards from me!) and I will also make sure to do a traditional group family photo at the end.

These sessions are extremely limited. You can use the app below to book and pay for your session before they're gone!

Interested in seeing what a holiday storytelling session for your family might look like? Check out a tree decorating session here.

Joel Turns One!

Joel Turns One!

I can't believe this little buddy is turning one already! Seems like yesterday that we were doing his newborn photos and now he's almost walking. What better way to celebrate such a momentus birthday that by capturing it on film?

Newborn Photos and Film | Ramadan Family | Winnipeg

Newborn Photos and Film | Ramadan Family | Winnipeg

After finishing this family's photo and film session for their newborn Benkedo, I felt so humbled by how much love these parents have for their little one. As I was reviewing their images and editing them, I was reminded why I love photographing families so much - because being witness to the love that flows between child and parent, grandparents and grandkids, just feels so special.

Mounted Prints

Mounted Prints

I don't know if anyone else did this when they were kids, but I specifically remember my parents buying an 8x10 print from my school photos every year. But instead of posting each new picture around the house, they would just put the new print in front of the old print in the same frame, so that they overlapped. The good thing is, I know where all my school photos are from every year. Read more...